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Jahcyrus N G, the driving force behind Alkaline Vibe, has a gift for healing people on a physical and spiritual level through natural remedies, energy exercises and conscious eating habits. At a young age, Jahcyrus witnessed seeing his family members struggling with serious diseases and he made it his mission to help heal his loved ones. He then continued his craft to help others, to help his people and his community.

Jahcyrus has dedicated his life to not only promoting better health through his holistic products but he is taking action by educating anyone who is seeking a better way to live. Alkaline Vibe is a grass root company that is focused on the betterment of your health and fitness from a holistic point of view.

Alkaline Vibe carries a variety of holistic products: Detox Tea aka The Magic Juice, Charged Up XL and Purple Lotus Supplemental Drops, Nutritional Supplement Shakes for Females and Males, Organic Root Oil, Female and Male Natural Enhancers and more!

As the late great Dr.Sebi said, ”One must consume life – not Death – to maintain and sustain oneself.“

Educator, Entrepreneur, and Financial Wellness Coach


A widely recognized financial literacy empowerment coach, mentor, and holistic practitioner with almost a decade of experience, Mia specializes in holistic wellness methods that improve both the financial health and overall well-being of her clients. Utilizing her extensive studies in reiki, energetic and prana healing, Mia founded The Good Credit Diva & Freedom With Love, where she teaches financial stability that encourages personal and financial assertiveness and evolution. Her passion in educating, healing and teaching others is exemplified in her intensives and workshops she facilitates at various organizations, businesses and events worldwide.

Mia brings her warmth and wit to every engagement, as she believes that healing reduces people’s resistance to change. She counts it a privilege to watch others experience a sense of time and financial freedom and confidence in their ability to make not only make money, but make their money matter.

We love our Alkaline Vibes Family!

I’ve been drinking the detox formula! The tea is fabulous and perfect and I am extremely picky! I’ve been eating a strict organic diet for over 10 years this is my new favorite tea!! Yum! my body is responding wonderfully to this light and refreshing yummy blend!! Xo highly recommend!

Nicole D.

I love it! I use the product and it really works for me, I lost 10 pounds and I feel great, it works for my high blood pressure, my high blood pressure down so yes I recommend to everyone, Jahcyrus the man love you.

Adrienne H.

If you want 100% real herbs that heal you are in the right place. Ladies I recommend Purple lotus. You can thank me later.

Kesha W.